About Me


My Background

I think it's important for potential clients to know a little about me, my upbringing and my values as part of the process of determining whether or not I am a good fit.

I was born in northwest Washington, D.C. to a middle-class African American family. My mother’s family was the only family that I knew. I never met my father or any of his family and he died before I could get to know him. My grandfather served in the Army and was a World War II veteran. He later worked for the National Security Agency until he retired from government service. My grandmother was an elementary school teacher. As a child she would often try to teach me mathematics and English and encouraged me to read. My family, as a whole, placed a high value on education. 

My mother raised me as a single-parent and retired from Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic). We lived in several parts of Maryland as well as Georgia for about 5 years. My time in Georgia exposed me to children from various cultural backgrounds. In 1984 we moved back to D.C. where I began attending a Catholic high school - Archbishop Carroll. It was a result of my experiences at this school that I began to develop my values such as compassion for others, integrity, and perseverance in addition to awareness of social justice and social activism issues. 

From high school I went to Rutgers University in New Jersey. I was going to major in mechanical engineering, but I soon realized that my heart wasn’t in it. I became active in student organizations and began to explore social science majors. After much research, I eventually settled on pursuing a career in psychology. Because I had already accumulated a slew of credits in physics and math, it was easier for me to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in physics. I was able to apply for and granted entry into Rutgers’ master’s program in counseling psychology. I applied to Penn State’s counseling psychology program and graduated from there in 2000 with a doctoral degree.

Professional Experiences

My first job as a psychologist was at James Madison University’s counseling center. In 2001 I was granted a license to practice psychology in Virginia. After feeling discontent with working and living in Virginia, I was hired for a job at Arizona State University’s Counseling & Consultation center and received my license from the state of Arizona on September 11, 2001. I had wonderful experiences at ASU and I remained there for five years until I decided to leave to pursue private practice full-time.

I have taught psychology classes to undergraduates and master's level students at Northcentral University, Grand Canyon University and Argosy University. I have always liked being involved in an academic environment so much that I try to periodically take classes in various areas such as mental health, technology and personal development.